Essential Oils for Our Essential Friends: Why Dogs Benefits from Essential Oil Therapy

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to enhance our well-being, heal our wounds, cure our ailments and perfume our air.  They help to change our thinking, enhance our mood, flavor our food and enrich our cosmetics, cleaning agents and more.  We love essential oil diffusers for the way they add a pleasant aroma to our homes and offices.  They’ve been prized by royalty, used by the military and are a staple in the nursery.  But did you know that our pets, particularly our dogs can benefit form the wonderful healing power of essential oils too?

When you little fur baby is ill, yarrow might not be the first thing you think of to make them better.  But it is an oil that can be used to clear up ear infections, kidney infections and soothe emotional trauma.  For antiseptic or circulation stimulation, cedarwood is useful and works well for kennel cough, dandruff or to calm nervous aggression.  There has been lots of talk lately about how closely we are related to animals in general, and dogs specifically.  When you look at their DNA, there is a very close match to that of humans.  So it’s understandable that the same essential oils that work for us also work for them.  Now, this is not a claim that all you need is an essential oil to take care of your pooches’ problem, but studies have proved there are benefits to using oils to bring comfort to animals, just as we use them for ourselves.

Petco has a number of products that contain essential oils, including calming shampoos, gel wipes and conditioners.  You can buy these products at a discount if you search Groupon first for coupon codes that will save you as much as 25% off pet food, 35% off grooming supplies and other goods.  You can easily qualify for free shipping, so if your furry friend is not feeling up to a trip to the store, you can shop for all the items you need from your computer or smart phone at home.  It’s a good idea to keep some yarrow on hand to stop the bleeding from a nick on the quick when cutting nails.  Lemon citrus can help calm a dog who is a little nervous and there are other oils you can use around the house to their benefit – and yours.

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